2016 Rules & Regulations for Edge’s National Championships


* Entries must be RECEIVED IN THE EDGE OFFICE 45 days prior to start of competition.   Routine’s must have qualified at an Edge regional competition.


* Edge will award Overall High Score Awards in four age divisions , if there are 10 or more entries in that division; 8 & Under, 9-12, 13-15, and 16 and Over for solo’s.  Duets/Trios, Small Groups, Large Groups, and Lines except Teacher Feature and Parent Division. If there are not 10 or more entries, Edge  may combine age divisions for Overall High Score Awards 12 & Under and 13 & Over. The same contestant cannot place more than once for High Score in the Solo Division AND the same Duet/Trio cannot place more than once in the Duet/Trio Division.


* General Divisions: Solo, Duet/Trio, Small Groups (4-9), Large Groups (10-19), Line (20 or more), Teacher Feature and Parent Division (Age 13 & Over Groups Only). In the Teacher Feature and Parent Division, all size groups will compete together. A “Teacher” is defined as a person 20 yrs of age or older, who receives any type of compensation, whether it is for teaching, performing, or demonstrating, regardless of how many hours per week are involved. ANY GROUP THAT HAS A PERFORMER WHO MEETS THE ABOVE CRITERIA, MUST ENTER “TEACHER FEATURE” DIVISION. Please note: There is no Teacher Feature for ages 12 & Under. In the PARENT DIVISION, the routine must consist of ALL PARENTS.


* Performance Levels

Future Edge: This Division is for a dancer who takes a maximum of 4 hours of dance per week. It is for the novice/beginner dancer who has not attended much; if any, competitions. It is designed to let the novice dancers get the feel for competition, stage performances, judges, audiences, etc. This level will HAVE ITS OWN HIGH SCORE DIVISION. It is not mandatory that beginner students enter this level. There is no Monitory Award for this Level.

Competitive Edge: This division is open to all performers and will be adjudicated, as well as receive additional High Score awards within their division.


* Time Limits: Solos- 3 min ; Duets/Trios- 3 min; Small Groups – 3 min; Large Groups – 4 min; Lines – 5 min; Production – 8 minutes ; Teacher Feature- 5 minutes; Parent Division – 5 minutes. Note: Overtime will result in automatic point deduction of one point or a fraction thereof for every 5 seconds overtime.


Each contestant will be required to record their own music on an individual CD or Full Size Ipod.  All music must be recorded at proper speed.  There must be only one routine per CD, properly cued at the beginning of the music.  For emergency, it is advisable to have a back CD in your possession.  Be certain to mark each CD clearly with the name of routine, age division, entry number and studio name. Ipods need to be clearly labeled with the studio name, address and phone#.  All music must be on 1 playlist in numerical order according to Edge Talent.  The playlist should be the studios name and then title of music with entry #.



* Please be certain that you enter all of the correct divisions, as no changes will be permitted at competition.


* In Small Groups and Large Groups ONLY, if there is a member of the group who is 16 years of age or older and the average age of the group is 12 years or under, they MUST COMPETE IN THE AGE 13 DIVISION.  For example:  A group’s average age comes to 11.3 and there is one or more 16 year olds in the group, that group must compete in the age 13 division.


* Edge reserves the right to add additional competition days/times, if deemed necessary. Entries will be accepted on a first come, first-served basis, and will be limited, depending on the time available at each location. Edge also reserves the right to move the competition location, if it becomes necessary due to circumstances beyond its control.


* Performance Categories:

Jazz- a routine that utilizes jazz technique such as splits, isolation, leaps, etc..

Funk/Hip Hop- a dance that consists of the latest street dance style, as seen in current dance videos.

Folkloric- a routine incorporating ethnic styles of dance such as polkas, hula, Latin dance, etc..

Drill Team- a group performing military type moves with precision march and may incorporate any type of dance.

Lyrical- a routine that is performed to the lyrics or mood of music.

Modern- a routine containing a contemporary style of dance.

Contemporary- a routine consisting of both lyrical and modern movents.

Musical Theatre- a routine performed to the music of a Broadway musical show or movie musical.

Open- a routine that is a combination of any of the other categories; a routine that does not exactly fit any of the definitions of any other category.

Pom Pon- a routine combining dance with the use of pom pons for at least 80% of routine.

Production- this category pertains to the Line Division ONLY and must have a minimum of 20 performers. The time limit for this category is a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 8 minutes.

Clogging- a routine which uses clogging technique.

Cheerleading- a routine that has a combination of strong, sharp movements, vocal cheering, and may incorporate any form of dance.

Acro/Gymnastics- a routine which contains primarily gymnastics tricks, including but not limited to, walkover, front/back limbers, handstands, headstands, cartwheels, etc. There should be a blend of gymnastics and dance.

Song & Dance- a routine in which the performer(s) combine dancing and singing. The singing may have back up vocal accompaniment only.

Tap- a routine utilizing tap technique and must be performed with tap shoes only.

Character- a routine that portrays a character that is easily recognizable, i.e. a cat, dog, a movie or cartoon character.

Ballet- a routine that consists of classical steps and ballet technique. Ballet shoes ONLY can be worn in this category.

Pointe- a routine that consists of ballet/pointe technique. Pointe shoes ONLY can be worn in this category.

Baton- a routine using baton(s) and baton technique.

Lip Sync- a routine that utilizes pantomime techniques and mimics voices on a pre-recorded tape.

Vocal- (Solo’s only) Routine may be any type of vocal presentation.  Edge will provide a handheld wireless microphone.


*Age Divisions 4 & Under; 5-6 Yrs; 7-8 Yrs; 9-10 Yrs; 11-12 Yrs; 13-15 Yrs; 16-17 Yrs; 18-19 Yrs; 20-29 Yrs; 30-39 Yrs; 40-49 Yrs; 50 Yrs and Over. Note: IN THE JAZZ,TAP,LYRICAL AND OPEN CATEGORIES, CONTESTANTS WILL ENTER SINGLE AGE DIVISIONS. This will apply to Age 4 & Under,5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19. All other age divisions will remain the same.



For Duets/Trios , Groups and Lines, the age division is determined by averaging the ages of all members of the group. Do not use decimals, i.e., if an age average comes to 10.7, they will compete in 10yr old age division.


*If a protest is being initiated, it must be signed and submitted in writing by a Studio Director or Head Instructor to the Director of Edge within 30 minutes of the incident involved.


* All entry forms must include the names, birthdates, and ages of all contestants.


* The name of a routine may not be same name as the dance studio


* All dance divisions are permitted to have two (2) acro/gymnastics tricks in them. .5 of a point will be deducted for all routines containing more then two tricks. A pass is considered 1 trick. NOTE: The Character division may contain up to 50% acro/gymnastics. Singing is permitted in the song and dance category only.


* General props are permitted in any of the performance Catergories; however, no dangerous props, i. e., fire, knives,swords,or pyrotechnics. Please be prepared to clean the stage in a timely manner after a routine that has left articles on stage as confetti, feathers, etc.  All props must be in place and also removed within two minutes.


* No additional sound equipment or microphones may be connected to the Edge equipment. Edge will provide one (1) cordless microphone.


* Edge takes pride in the wholesome routines that cross our stage. Any routine that is deemed by the judges to be inappropriate, in either costuming or dance moves, will not be eligible for any High Score Awards and will be subject to possible disqualification.




* All Solos, Duets/Trios, Small Groups, Large Groups, and Lines (COMPETING AT THE FUTURE EDGE COMPETITIVE OR COMPETITIVE EDGE LEVEL) except for the Teacher Feature and Parent Division, are eligible for the High Score Awards and will be presented with a special award for receiving the highest score.


* The Edge High Score Awards on the COMPETITIVE EDGE LEVEL will be awarded in the 8 & Under, 9-12, 13-15, and 16 and Over age divisions. This is for Solos, Duets/Trios, Small Groups, Large Groups and Lines, except for Teacher Feature and Parent Divisions. Parents or Performers entering the FUTURE EDGE  level will not be eligible for the following High Score Awards:

High Score Awards


        Solos           Duets/Trios            Small Groups          Large Groups            Lines    

 1st Place  $150  1st Place $200     1st Place  $350        1st Place  $350       1st Place $400

 2nd Place $100   2nd Place $100    2nd Place $200       2nd Place $200      2nd Place $200

 3rd Place $50     3rd Place  $50      3rd Place  $100      3rd Place  $100         3rd Place $100


*There must be at least 2 in category to award first place, 3 in category to award 2nd place , and 5 in category to award 3rd place.


* Edge Best Costume Award- ALL ROUTINES ARE AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED IN THE COSTUME COMPETITION. Solo awards will be presented to entrants based on design, overall impression, fit, etc.. in the 12 & Under age division and the 13 & Over age divisions. One award will be presented to the best Duet/Trio, Group/Line Costume. All ages will compete against each other for this award! All entries in the costume contest will be judged during the performance of their routine. There will not be a special presentation of costume contestants.


* Edge Photogenic Award* Award to be presented to the solo contestant judged most photogenic in the 12 & Under and in the 13 & Over divisions. Entrants must send a 5” x 7” or  8” x 10” in black and white or color with the official entry form.


* Edge Technique Award – For Groups and Lines in the (COMPETITIVE EDGE LEVEL ONLY). A award will be presented for the Group or Line with the Highest Technique score from the judges. This will be awarded to age 12 & Under and 13 & Over.


* Edge Entertainment Award- (COMPETITIVE EDGE  LEVEL ONLY) Award to be presented by the judges to the Small Group, Large Group or Line deemed *Most Entertaining* for both 12 & Under and 13 & Over.


* Edge Choreography Award- *(COMPETITIVE EDGE  LEVEL ONLY) Award will be presented to the teacher of a Small Group, Large Group, or Line for both 12 & Under and 13 & Over age divisions. Please note: There will be no ties in the special award

categories. In the event of a tie for High Score, the judges will review the score sheets to break the tie.


* EDGE will be hosting a Title competition at the Nationals, incorporated into the solo competition. This will be for (COMPETITIVE EDGE LEVEL ONLY). If you wish to have your routine judged for Title, please indicate in the appropriate space on entry form. You may enter a maximum of three solos to be judged for Title. All entries will be judged for Title during the performance of their routine during the Championship Competition. Each Title winner will have their picture appear in the 2017 Regional Programs. There is a $25.00 fee to enter Title.

Edge Title Competition: * Junior Miss and Junior Mr. Edge  Ages 8 and Under *Pre-Teen Miss and Pre-Teen Mr. Edge  Ages 9-12 * Teen Miss and Teen Mr. Edge Ages 13-15 * Miss and Mr. Edge Ages 16-19. You may enter the Title division in the same manner as for the Regionals. You do not have to enter Title on the Regional level to be eligible to enter Title at the Championships.


*Adjudication of Awards : Each entry will be judged from a point system. Platinum, High Gold, Gold , High Silver, Silver, and Bronze awards will be presented based on scores. It is possible to have multiple Platinum, High Gold , Gold, High Silver, Silver and Bronze awards within each age division for each performance category.


* All cash prizes will be awarded to the studio.


* If there is only one entry in a division, that entry will be eligible to receive either a Platinum, High Gold, Gold, High Silver, Silver, or Bronze Medallion. In addition, they will receive a first place competitive trophy if they received a Platinum, High Gold, Gold Medallion, except in the Teacher Feature or Parent Division where the entries will be adjudicated only.


* If there are two or more entries in a category, a competitive first place award will be presented to the entry with the highest score in that division.


* A time schedule will be e-mailed approx. 14 days prior to the competition date to all studio directors.


* The number that each routine is assigned is basically for reference and identification purposes. We do run in numerical order, however you may be asked to compete out of sequence in order to avoid a delay due to costume changes. Please be prepared to compete when we call your number, even though it may be a few numbers earlier than you anticipated. Points will be deducted if contestants do not perform in scheduled sequence, unless permission is granted by M.C. or Backstage manager.


* All contestants grant permission to the Director of Edge to use their photographs or to appear on local and/or national television to promote its competitions.


* There will be a  $30.00 charge if Edge receives a returned check from the bank as “unpaid” for any reason, from any individual or studio, and all future payments from that individual or studio will have to be in the form of a money order or cashier’s check.


* All entries received after the 45 day deadline, MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A CERTIFIED CHECK OR MONEY ORDER. No personal or studio checks will be accepted after the deadline.




* NO REFUNDS will be issued.


* Sportsmanlike behavior is expected at all times. Failure to display proper decorum could result in immediate disqualification.


* Edge Talent and the hosting facility are not responsible for personal injury or property loss.


* Contestants will be judged by a panel of well-qualified judges, and all decisions of the judges will be accepted as final.


* VIDEO RECORDING INCLUDING CELL PHONES IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED (Disqualification could result) . If video cameras are found in the competition auditorium. Edge reserves the right to take the video being used. Teachers, please inform your contestants and studio parents this rule.


*THE EDGE SHOWCASE,  on the Final Day, Each Studios  Highest scoring 12 & Under and 13 & Over acts will Perform in the EDGE SHOWCASE, and the 1st place

Overall Solo’s  from 8 & Under, 9-12 , 13-15 and 16 & Over will also be performing in the Showcase. This is not a competition, rather a showcase highlighting the highest scoring routines from each studio.  This is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the talent in a stress free environment.